Karya polymer R&D team, in order to increase the quality of fresh stored bags, is examining the cucumber product and different storage conditions to increase the shelf life
.These polymer bags are based on polyolefin


Vacuum Bag 105*70

Multi-layer plastic film is a simple method of packing that removes air from packing prior to sealing. The possibility of easy evacuation of air with an automatic valve without any lid (made in Japan) has made the use of these bags very simple. Vacuum packing greatly reduces the bulk items up to four times and increases protection when swapping out seasonal cloth in wardrobe (heavy winter clothes or blankets that are not needed in the summer, or cloth you just to keep safe). Vacuum packing reduces atmospheric oxygen and limiting the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi. The removal of oxygen can often extensively help extend product life. This reduces the chances of the microorganisms developing that can potentially ruin clothes completely.
Vacuum bags for formal clothes with hangers (for suits, jackets, coats) not only reduce the volume of clothes, but also prevent them from wrinkling. Vacuum Bags save on storage space and keep your rooms tidy, when one is travelling or moving from one house to the other.

How to use:
First unzip the bag, put the clothes or other items in it, close the zip of the bag with a zipper (make sure that both edges of the zip are completely closed). Then vacuum the bag with a vacuum cleaner. For small sizes, you can drain the air by rolling the bag without the need for a vacuum cleaner

Available sizes
42 * 58 cm: suitable for reducing volume of cloths in travel
50 * 70 cm: suitable for reducing volume of pillows and shirts
80 * 100 cm: suitable for reducing volume of blankets and coverlets
100 * 110 cm: suitable for reducing volume of mattress
70 * 105 cm: with hanger suitable for your suits, coats and other cloths